Benabola Hotel & Apartments

Benabola Hotel Terms & Conditions

  1. Currency and Taxes
  2. Pricing Policies
  3. Payments and Deposits
    1. Standard Rate Plan
    2. Non-refundable Rate Plan
    3. Promotional Rate Plan
    4. Deposit for Incidentals
    5. Third-party Authorizations
  4. Cancellations Policy
  5. Refunds Policy
  6. No-Shows Policy
  7. Early Check-Out Policy
  8. Over-allocation in the rooms
  9. Check-in and Check-out times
  10. Requests for Early Check-in and/or Late Check-out
  11. Requests for upgrades
  12. Requests for specific rooms
  13. Requests for different room configurations
  14. Minors travelling on their own
  15. Pets
  16. Car park
  17. Beach towels
  18. Smoking in the rooms
  19. Belongings left behind at the hotel
  20. Norms of behaviour
  21. Customers from
  22. Terms of use of our web site
    1. Copyright
    2. Privacy Policy

Currency and Taxes

Our prices are all given in Euros and include applicable VAT. The hotel cannot be held responsible for differences in the exchange rates provided by on-line tools. These tools are used only to offer an estimate of the expenses.


Pricing Policies

Our rates are based upon the length of stay among other factors. Any alteration to the stay might result in different prices.
The hotel prices are subject to change at any time.


Payments and Deposits

Depending upon the rate plan you select when making your reservation, you may be required to pay a certain amount in order to secure your reservation.

In the event of detecting any fraudulent or illegal activity associated with payment information, the hotel reserves the right to cancel a reservation without notice.


Standard Rate Plan

A one-night deposit may be charged at any time after submitting your reservation. Please make sure that you activate your credit card for international charges and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. The credit card used to book the reservation must be presented at check-in by the credit card holder.


Non-refundable Rate Plan

If you choose a non-refundable rate plan or any other plan that requires full payment for the stay in advance, you will be sent an application form to ease the payment via on-line banking or by bank transfer. In the meantime, valid credit details may be required to hold your provisional reservation for a few days.

Please be aware that you reservation will not be confirmed until the payment requirements are met in full. Missing the deadlines for completion of payments may result in the cancellation of your reservation.


Promotional Rate Plan

When available through our booking engine, the same deposit standard rate plan policies apply.


Deposit for Incidentals Policy

The Benabola hotel pre-authorizes a credit card for each booked apartment upon arrival.
These cards are held as security and may be utilized for any applicable charges or incidentals. The pre-authorized amount is set aside by your credit card company and may affect your spending limit for a few days. The hotel has no control over how long the credit card company will take to void this operation.

For further information about the refund process, please consider calling VISA International on +34 900 991 124.


Cancellations Policy

Depending upon the rate plan chosen, you may cancel your reservation at any time by sending a written cancellation notice to our reservations department.


Refunds Policy

Depending upon the rate plan chosen, if your reservation is eligible for a refund of any prepaid amounts, please allow a few days for the refund process to be completed.

If a cancellation is received over a weekend we will not be able to process the refund until the next working day, generally the next Monday.


No-Shows Policy

In case of a no-show, the hotel will cancel the reservation without further notice, making the room available to another customer. This may result in the loss of any of the amount paid when securing the reservation.

You may also advise the hotel of a late arrival or a delay in your travel plans so we can try to hold your reservation without cancelling it. This may, however, require authorization from a supervisor.


Early Check-Out Policy

In the event that you need to check out prior to the reserved check-out date, the hotel may charge an early check-out fee.


Third-party Authorizations

In the event that you are paying for the stay of another guest, you will need to request a third-party application form.

To validate the payment, the hotel needs to receive an e-mail with scanned copies of the application form signed by the credit card’s legitimate owner, along with a copy of his/her passport or ID and a scanned copy of both sides of the credit card. The application form will show a deadline for completion of this payment.

Failure to send any of the documents required or miss the deadline may result in the cancellation of the reservation, voiding any prior conditions and/or prices.


Over-allocation in the rooms

In order to avoid space issues throughout your stay, there is a limit to the number of guests that can be allocated to each type of room. It is recommended that you do not exceed our maximum room occupancies:

    • 2 adults in the hotel rooms or 1 adult + 1 child.
    • 2 adults and 1 child in the one-bedroom apartments or other combinations such as 1 adult + 2 children.
    • 4 adults and 1 child in the two-bedroom apartments or other combinations such as 2 adults + 2 children.
    • 5 adults and 1 child in the three-bedroom apartments or other combinations such as 3 adults + 3 children.

Additional guests may be asked to pay extra charges and/or to book a different room/apartment configuration in order to proceed to check-in.

Maximum occupancy recommendations may be waived when staying in an apartment with one additional child under 12 years old who can stay in a cot or on an extra rollaway bed free of charge. The extra-bed incurs a charge for children over 12. Guests are not allowed to add an extra-bed for a hotel room or more than one extra-bed for each booked apartment.

Inviting strangers into the rooms or to use the hotel facilities is prohibited. All the adult occupants of a room must be registered at check-in to ensure a fluent service.

The hotel cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences and surcharges incurred by guests for not providing information about the exact number of occupants beforehand.


Check-in and Check-out times

Our check-in begins from 2:00pm whilst check-out time is no later than 11:00am.


Requests for Early Check-in and/or Late Check-out

Depending upon the availability of the hotel, a request for an early check-in or for a late check-out can be made. This may bring additional fees associated and not always can be satisfied.


Requests for upgrades

Depending upon availability at the hotel, a request for an upgrade may be accommodate don request. This may incur additional charges and will depend upon inventory limitations.


Requests for specific rooms

The layout and decorations in each suite may vary from the suites shown in photographs on-line.

The room numbers cannot be pre-allocated nor is specificity guaranteed beyond confirming views; however, specific room requests can be made which we will try to fulfill when availability allows.


Requests for different room configurations

The bedding and bathroom configurations in the apartments cannot be reset or changed and are, unless otherwise advertised, as follow:

  • Our hotel rooms all have two queen-size beds. All have one bathroom en-suite.
  • The one-bedroom apartments, depending on their location, may have one double OR two single beds. Each has one full bathroom and one guest toilet.
  • The two-bedroom apartments each have one double bed in the master bedroom and two single beds in the secondary bedroom. Each has either one or two full bathrooms and one guest toilet.
  • The three-bedroom apartments, depending on their location, have one room with a double bed and two rooms containing single beds. An alternative configuration consisting of six single beds may be available and incurs additional charges. Each has two full bathrooms and one guest toilet.


Minors travelling on their own

Customers must be over 18 years old in order to check-in or be accompanied by a responsible parent/legal tutor staying in the same room. The hotel requires valid identification documents or passports for all adult occupants of the rooms upon check-in.

The hotel cannot be held responsible in case of any inconveniences or money loss from a reservation where this requirement is not met.



Sorry, but pets are not allowed in the facilities or in the rooms.


Car park

Car parking is available to our guests at a minimal fee. You are advised to book a parking space in advance. Vehicles cannot exceed 1.9m in height to use our parking facilities.
The hotel is not responsible for accidents or scratches while the vehicle is operated.


Beach towels

The hotel service does not include provision of beach towels. However, they are available for purchase at our shop.


Smoking in the rooms

Smoking is not permitted in the rooms or hotel facilities. Customers may incur in additional expenses failing to abide to this norm.


Belongings left behind at the hotel

In the event of belongings being left behind when you check-out, please complete this form and offer detailed descriptions of the items. We will get back to you as soon as we hear from our maids department.

To arrange for collection of the items, the customer is required to organize for a delivery company to collect them.

The hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables left behind and/or items left unattended in the car park, in the rooms or any other hotel facility.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)



Norms of behaviour

Disturbing others during your stay could result in the cancellation of your stay and in the full loss of any paid amounts. The hotel is frequented by many families; inappropriate, indecorous or even dangerous behavior towards others is not permitted.

Parties or events are not allowed in the apartments.

Asking for extra towels, blankets or leaving the room in need of cleaning above and beyond that required after normal usage may incur additional charges.


Customers from OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)

All the above conditions apply to customers coming from OTAs and agencies with the exception of our promotional and rate plans which are not available through any of these.

You must be aware that your agency does not provide us of your contact details. To avoid inconveniences related to this and to ensure swift service, you are requested to send your inquiries directly to

The hotel cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences or misunderstanding caused as a result of misleading information shown on their sites.


Terms of use of our web site

The use of this web-site presumes the user has read and agrees fully to these Terms and Conditions.


This site, the pictures and the information it contains are the property of the Benabola Hotel.

You can request written permission to reproduce some of its content and pictures. However, in this event, you must retain copyright notices contained in the materials. Unauthorized use of this site or its content may infringe applicable laws about copyright and intellectual property.


Privacy Policy

The hotel collects personal data with the purpose of confirming your reservation and improving your experience at the Benabola Hotel & Apartments. You may be sent, for example, evaluation questionnaires or pre-arrival checklists to improve your stay.

The information collected is not shared without your prior consent unless sharing such information is an essential part of providing a service that you have requested. For example, if you wish to book tee-times, we need to pass on certain contact information for pricing purposes.

Hotel employees cannot change or alter these terms and conditions.

Ordinary hotel. Good location and comfy beds.Room 411 is noisy due to some sort of machinery in the maintenance room next door.This starts at 6.30 am so dont expect a lay in. Not impressed with anything.No hotel information in the room about anything so you have to ask reception for everything, from having sachets of coffee and sugar in the room (which we didnt get ) to where you go for breakfast and how to work the air conditioning. Bathroom has mouldy patches on the ceiling and in a general aged state. The room itself was fine. The T.V had lots of English speaking channels if you want to spend your time here stuck in the room when there's lots to see in the area.
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
19:01 25 Dec 17
We stayed at Benabola for 2 weeks and it was amazing! Very comfortable rooms in a perfect location right in the heart of of Puerto Banus just meters from restaurants, shops, and bars.Staff were all very friendly and went above and beyond wherever possible. I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Marbella either short or long term and would also stay here again.
Chris Marbella
Chris Marbella
21:02 02 Sep 17
What an honest hotel, My husband has just had a fabulous 4 days here and when he left in a hurry he left his debit card and some money. I called from the UK when he was at the airport and the hotel reception went to personally look for the money & card. he found it and has kept it on one side for one of his friends to pick up. It's nice to know that there is still honest people around :-). Thank you
Global Flooring
Global Flooring
09:19 15 May 17
The hotel wifi connection peaks around 70 KB per second. Totally unusable for people who need to use internet for work.
Hong Da Tang
Hong Da Tang
21:41 15 Oct 17
Lovely jubly!
19:10 24 Jun 18
I've been here for 4 days and I personally haven't experienced anything bad and the staff are so polite and nice to talk to and do speak English too which is great. 24 hour shop at the lobby and the views from the sky bar are awesome too. So would definitely recommend benabola apartment/hotel
12:49 26 Jun 18
We stayed in these apartments for a long weekend and they were so convenient for the harbour, the nightlife and lots of lovely restaurants along the sea front the other way from the marina. We had 2 different apartments (large group) Recommend Marina view over the promenade view just as its such a stunning view to wake up to every day!
Sarah Colquhoun
Sarah Colquhoun
09:27 11 May 17
Great hotel, right next to the port, lovely clean spacious rooms, very helpful and friendly staff especially the manager Peter and the reception staff. I would highly recommend, looking forward to going back next year.
Lee Ward
Lee Ward
19:00 27 Sep 18
Impressive Hotel at the very entrance of Puerto Banús harbour. It has a superb terrace overlooking all Puerto Banús and the sea. Do not miss it !
Jose Rein
Jose Rein
15:07 18 Oct 18
Poor wifi
Hank Sjöblom
Hank Sjöblom
21:56 18 Oct 18
Great location.
Fergus Hurley
Fergus Hurley
16:27 29 Jan 19
Pace wise, it’s large and spacey, location is perfect for ppl who wants to be on the port,, but the kitchen and restrooms are too old and service is not amazing
Rania Al-Sulaimani
Rania Al-Sulaimani
01:12 31 Jul 19
We stayed in benabola for 11 nights. And it was very comfortable. The apartments are spacious 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a balcony, a washing machine, an iron. Everything was providedLocation is in the center of the port, very convenient. Prices aren’t bad
Maha Bahjat
Maha Bahjat
00:05 07 Aug 19
Rooms cleaning is not up to standard , excellent site
adnan sabbahi
adnan sabbahi
01:21 10 Aug 19
Very friendly staff that go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and attend to your every need. The hotel and rooms are very clean and have everything you need for a vey comfortable stay. I would definitely stay here again, thank you very much to the all the staff that made my stay so enjoyable. They aslo have a beautiful rooftop lounge with amazing views!
Francine Borsellino
Francine Borsellino
21:44 23 Aug 19
Great location and views from balcony. But very disappointed with our 2 bedroom appartment. It is very old and dated.Was a lack of a lot of things from tea towel in kitchen , bath mats no iron. On the balcony was on 2 plastic chairs and a very small plastic table for 4 persons. For the money we paid I think it was very poor. The staff at reception were very friendly and helpful but the waiter & waitresses in cafe were very rude and unhelpful. Such a shame as location is fantastic
Stephen Mattews
Stephen Mattews
15:48 27 Sep 19

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